Hewlett Packard Enterprise salaries revealed: Here’s how much HPE pays engineers, managers, and salespeople

Antonio Neri, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s CEO.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise is racing to become a dominant player in cloud and edge computing.
  • To expand its reach, it’s been rolling out new networking products and selectively hiring.
  • Here’s how much HPE pays employees, according to visa data from the past year.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wants to dominate the market for hardware that businesses use to run their data centers and networks – and it’s hiring employees who can help it do so.

Like other enterprise tech giants, HPE is seeing rising demand for such equipment. The firm is specifically focused on dominating edge computing, in which data processing is located physically closer to companies’ data centers or connected devices such as smart cars, and developing new hardware to edge out competitors such as Cisco and Juniper Networks.

To see what HPE pays newly hired workers, Insider analyzed data on approved H-1B visas published by the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. This data was drawn from 471 approved visas for HPE workers hired in the past 12 months.

While the data has some caveats, it provides a rare glimpse into the salaries of engineers, researchers, salespeople, and managers at HPE. The data only includes foreign workers, and it documents base pay instead of total compensation, which can include bonuses or stock. In some instances, the data contains salary ranges instead of exact figures.

An HPE spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Here’s how much HPE pays employees who were hired in the past year.

The company is investing heavily in tech roles, with engineers earning as much as $261,151

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Systems software engineer (California): $261,151

Software engineer, quality assurance (California): $207,373

Manager, engineering (California): $204,839

Software engineer, firmware (Texas): $130,995

IT developer engineer (Texas): $115,000

Systems software engineer (Massachusetts): $107,840

Network automation technical engineer (California): $85,000

New tech hires also included designers tasked with planning HPE’s software, with salaries up to $232,259

Antonio Neri HPE hewlett packard enterprise ceo
Antonio Neri, the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Software designer, distribution tech (California): $232,259

Manager, software engineering applications (California): $217,221

Software designer (California): $216,240

Manager, systems software engineer (North Carolina): $210,000

Software designer (California): $206,716

Software designer distinguished technician (California): $195,770

Manager, software engineer applications (California): $176,381

Cybersecurity design and engineering professional (Texas): $160,000

Experience design engineer (Texas): $160,000

HPE hired salespeople and business experts across the US, with salaries ranging from $71,778 to $189,425

HP Enterprise, Hewlett Packard
An event by HP Enterprise Discover.

Presales technical consultant systems engineer (California): $189,425

Business strategy manager (California): $180,000

Business strategy manager (Tennessee): $175,000

IT business consultant (Texas): $150,000

Business planning manager (California): $98,654

Inside sales representative (Oregon): $76,511

Financial analyst (Texas): $71,778

The firm brought aboard a raft of managers to lead teams, with some making up to $220,000

hewlett packard enterprise HPE ceo antonio neri
Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s CEO, Antonio Neri.

Product manager (California): $220,000

Manager, information technology (Texas): $175,000

Alliance business manager, systems (California): $147,384

Research intelligence manager (California): $124,048

Strategic development manager (California): $90,200