Ukrainian troopers destroyed a substantial unit of Wagner Group fighters in Donbas

Ukrainian defenders wrecked a big unit of the Wagner Group [a network of mercenaries who serve as the de facto private army of Russian President Vladimir Putin] in Donbas.

Resource: Security Support of Ukraine Ukrainska Pravda’s interlocutor with regulation enforcement agencies

Information: A new telephone conversation concerning the invaders which was intercepted by the Safety Company of Ukraine [SSU] confirmed that after the elimination of these types of an elite device of Russian troopers (according to a resource, the Wagner group fighters have been killed on 27 May), everyday Russian occupiers are hesitating whether to battle.

Quotation from the occupier: “So lots of ChVK Wagner [ChVK is the Russian abbreviation for Private Military Company] fighters had been deployed there, wherever the border demands to be taken… But these ChVKs are of no use there! They all died there, these ChVKs. These are f**king particular forces! Organized, holy sh*t! They all died. Very well, not all of them, there had been some remaining. F**k if I know, I never see any other way out of this predicament at all.”

Information: In accordance to the intercepted call, the spouse offers the occupier the ideal advice – “F**k them all, with their army.”

Formerly: The Safety Service of Ukraine has intercepted telephone discussions among Russian commanders in which they complain about their subordinates refusing to go on the offensive.